Smooth Talking Casino Owner


Caine is a pale Human with dark brown hair and green eyes.

Wearing fine silks and leather, Caine seems to like the finer things in life.


Caine is an old friend of Quinn who has come up quite a ways in the world.

He established and runs the largest (and only) underground Casino in Brinn.

Caine greeted the party warmly when they entered his casino, though he ran them through a game upon which his clientele could gamble on their survival.

Caine invited the PCs to join in a tournament he was hosting, but the players declined.
Caine hosted the players in his private box to watch the fight, but his entertainment turned deadly. The Chrysalidd he had captured killed the fighters and began to rapidly multiply and swarm the audience.

Caine began to lead the way to his private escape route but was magically pushed down a stairwell by Benedict.


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