Jungle Camp
Where Quinn chops off his own penis

The back of Benedict’s arm hurts and he doesn’t feel well.
The group is led to Hestor Plantation and taken inside. The watchers stay outside. They are taken down the hall to the third room on the left. Benedict feeds Kathrynn a healing potion. Zim explains to Captain Hawthorn that the party attempted to commit mutiny, but that they also know where to find the blue crystals. Zim asks Hawthorn to tell him where the blue crystals from. Hawthorn tells Zim that if he tells him where he can find the blue crystals, he won’t have anything to trade with him and his village will become broke.
Hensley turns to Cad and tells him that he is the owner of the plantation and he needs the blue crystals to power the watchers. He says that Zim doesn’t always choose high quality blue crystals, so he would like to work out an arrangement with Cad to cut Zim from the process. He would like Cad to tell him where the crystals are and bring him a hefty supply. Cad agrees he will provide information about the whereabouts of the crystals if Hensley provides him with a ship. Cad agrees to bring back a shipment of payment at the price Hensley pays Hawthorn. (The price is unknown.) Dorin also requests a wagon in order to carry the crystals.
“You’re under my life debt and I say no wagons!” – Benedict
The party requests Zim and some watchers come with them. Hensley agrees. The party is given run of the house.
The party is provided with two weeks of food rations. Cad meets with Zim who is enraged that he has to leave his cushy well-paid job. Cad promises him chance for adventure.
“You know what adventure is? It’s an opportunity to die!” – Zim
The group heads out into the jungle and it becomes quite dark. Dorin tries to sell Zim special mushrooms. Dorin struggles through the jungle, getting caught in vines. The group puts a watcher in front so they can follow in his path. The party comes upon a line of stones covered in ruins and a pile of skulls. There is a ‘dead’ watcher laying nearby. Parts of the watcher look scorched and there are vines wrapped around his feet. As Jerimiah peers at the pile of skulls, Kathrynn walks by him and says, “Meh neh neh neh fate and stuff” in a mocking noise.
The group hears a loud crunch and fire shoots off near Jerimiah. He is barely singed. Quinn notices there are some very old traps laying around. The group continues on. As they continue on they find another fallen watcher, a wagon flipped over on the ground, and a log hanging from some treetops. Beneath the wagon are bones and rusted armor. Cad asks Zim if he knows who these people are. Zim tells him they hired mercenaries to kill the kobolds and the mercenaries never returned. The party makes fun of the Zim’s mercenaries for being weak. Quinn tells him he can go home and Zim turns to leave. Benedict “thumps” both Zim and Quinn on the head and tells them to get back to work and shut up.
The sun sets and it gets dark. The group looks for a place to camp. They settle beside a small creek. Quinn finds a bunch of brightly-colored lizards and pokes one with his knife. It squeaks and runs away. Benedict summons an oracle. He asks,
“Were the mercenaries all really killed by kobolds?” -Benedict
“Yes” – Oracle
“Did the kobolds have help?” – Benedict
“Some.” – Oracle
“Who helped them?” – Benedict
“The jungle.” – Oracle
“Where can we find the source of the jungle’s power?” – Benedict
“Inside you.” – Oracle
The group contemplates the oracle’s responses. They decide they aren’t too concerned about the oracle’s answers. The group builds a fire and sets up camp. The set up a watch and have the watchers stand guard. Zim puts up his own tent. Benedict casts dimension door and appears in Zim’s tent.
Cad takes the first watch. He wakes Quinn up for his shift and warns him that the jungle has gotten quieter. Benedict suddenly wakes up as Quinn is hovering over him. He casts thunder wave and the tent is thrown into the creek and his wand shoots from his hand. Cad tells Benedict that a shadow stabbed Benedict in his right arm and then vanished. Cad said the specter sounded like someone from Brynn. Cad worries that it is Cain’s ghost that attacked, as the voice sounded like Cain. Quinn and Kathrynn inspect Benedit’s wound to see if it is poisoned, a disease, petrified, has any religious effects, or magical affects. Dorin stomps over.
“I hope you feel better life-debt hooman.” – Dorin
The jungle remains quiet. Benedict announces, “The source of the jungle’s power is the poison inside me!” The party goes back to sleep.
Kathrynn gets up for her watch. An arrow flies from the sky and lands in the fire. She screams and the arrow burns away. She announces an arrow landed in the fire. The party wakes up and hears crashing in the jungle up ahead. Cad carefully fires toward the sound and the crashing stops. Cad moves toward where the crashing came from. He finds a bear trap which he triggers with a stick. His foot snags on a sensitive vine and a large shape approaches him and misses him. A lot as thick as his torso swings past. Cad continues on with Benedit hovering behind. They find a kobold laying face-down in a bush wearing simple armor and carrying a simple bow. The kobold has an arrow sticking out of the back of his head. Cad drags the dead kobold back to camp and drops it in front of Jerimiah. Everyone goes back to sleep except Jerimiah.
Jerimiah sees something float by in the creek. He pokes what looks like a barrel. It explodes and fiery liquid rains down in a ten foot radius. Quinn is lit ablaze. Quinn and Jerimiah put themselves out after a lot of damage. Quinn goes back to bed partially laying in the creek. He wakes up in great pain as something tries to crawl into “a sensitive area.” Quinn tries to cut off the part of the creature that has crawled in. (Alex rolls a one.) Quinn cuts his penis off. He passes out from pain.
The party wakes up and Benedict makes bacon. Kathrynn tries to figure out how she can heal Quinn and reattach his penis.


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