Kalpernius Tweedlebum

Wizard Treasure-hunter Captain


Kalpernius Tweedlebum is a blackhaired bearded human.

He wears bright blue robes and an overly large widebrimmed hat.
His weapon of choice is a wand and he prefers fire magic.


Kalpernius hired the players in Brinn to join on his Treasure Hunt to the Misty Isles.
Kalpernius’ fleet consists of 3 ships.

Wind Runner – Kalpernius’ personal Double masted flagship
Auditor – The Support ship
Iron Skin – Double masted fighting ship

Kalpernius is technically a citizen of the Empire, but has little respect for it meddling in his affairs.

He and his crew fought his way clear of the blockade of Brinn with the PCs.

He possesses a magical map that leads to the Misty Isles.
This map lead him and the party to the coastal village of Amherst where they consulted a temple of Avandrah for guidance. Quinn died to a trap here.

The guidance lead them due west where they encountered an Island Temple of Kord.
On this Island, due to the PCs angering Kord, the players were separated from the rest of the expedition.

Kalpernius Tweedlebum

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