The Free City of Brinn

Brinn Sits on a river delta that emptys into a bay on the SW coast of the mainland. It is the nearest point on the mainland to The Island of Sanctuary and is a strong trading partner of Sanctuary. Sanctuary lies West of Brinn

Brinn is primarily a trading city, though it does have nearby wilderness where adventurers commonly hunt and explore.

To the North lie the mountains, the St. Nicholas Orphanage and the Empire.
To the east are a few smaller cities.

Brinn’s leader is Mayor Brandt Tailor.

Quinn is a son of Brinn, before he traveled to Sanctuary.

Other notable citizens include:

Caine – Casino Owner
Granny Ogg – Nosy Busybody
Commander Falkner – Sanctuary Ambassador

The PCs left Brinn by breaking through an Imperial Blockade on the Treasure Expedition of Kalpernius Tweedlebum. Several Imperial ships were destroyed.

The Free City of Brinn

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